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Marijuana Business Related Press

Manufacturer in Shocking Colorado Product Liability Case

Cannabis Industry Attorney Sean McAllister Defends Edibles Manufacturer in Shocking Colorado Product Liability Case

Lawsuit against marijuana company over deadly Denver shooting could be first of its kind.

Sean McAllister, who represents Gaia’s Garden, said the wholesale company has always been in compliance with state requirements for labeling and packaging its products.

Colorado pot industry steps up pesticide fight against regulators

Cannabis industry attorney Sean McAllister called Hickenlooper’s executive order a “feel-good proclamation” and said he was glad to see the related bill get voted down.

Court-appointed receivers an option for troubled marijuana companies

“An interested party has to come in and ask for a receiver to be appointed,” explained Dan Garfield, a Denver-based marijuana industry attorney.

News Week

Weed Regulation: States are on their own.

“By the beginning of 2015, Denver had been getting complaints and concerns, mostly from the Fire Department, who would go out and see these pesticides sitting around,” says cannabis business attorney Sean McAllister.

NBC Nightly News

Colorado’s Neighbors Grappling With Spike in Pot Seizures

“I have many clients that tell me the first thing they get asked when they get pulled over in Kansas or Nebraska with Colorado plates is, ‘Where’s the marijuana?” said Sean McAllister,

Sean served as the attorney for the Breckenridge Dispensary on this popular CNN documentary series.


Colorado AG’s office investigates marijuana companies using word “organic”

The AG is ensuring that businesses that use the word are at least “consistent with the concept of organic,” McAllister said.

Denver quarantines marijuana products at two businesses for pesticides.

“While everyone wants safe marijuana, Denver has no science to show the presence of residual amounts of pesticides are a danger to public health,” said attorney Sean McAllister.

No Relief: Ruling Highlights Lack of Options for Marijuana Companies Seeking Bankruptcy Protection

“One of the best and most obvious ways to avoid such pitfalls is to be careful when setting up a marijuana business at the outset.” said Sean McAllister.

Marijuana Legalization 2015: EPA Issues Guidance On Marijuana Pesticides Amid Industry Uncertainty

“It’s been devastating,” says Sean McAllister, who represents four of the growers affected. “People have had to borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover their lost inventory.

Judge refuses to stop Denver’s pot quarantine

“We strongly believe [Eagle 20] is a product that is safe,” attorney Sean McCallister said.

Medicolegal Aspects of Marijuana: Colorado Edition

Sean contributed as an author to a new book, Medicolegal Aspects of Marijuana, and his chapter focuses on business regulation of dispensaries in Colorado. Click this link to visit the book sale site on Amazon.

Marijuana Q&A: Hair follicle drug test, CBD laws, female libido enhancers

According attorney Sean McAllister: “Hemp is illegal at the federal level, except for a limited ability of public colleges to request an exemption under federal law.

A year later, Colorado works to prove it’s not the ‘wild, pot-smoking West’

“The new credit union might be an answer for super-rich dispensaries that have a lot of extra money,” said Sean McAllister.

Adams County to allow retail marijuana stores in unincorporated areas

Recreational stores located north of Colfax Avenue in Aurora and all retail stores in Northglenn will be subject to the tax increase, in addition to any stores that open in unincorporated parts of the county after Jan. 1.

Two Breckenridge residents charged in Nashville marijuana bust netting 425 lbs of pot

“There’s absolutely no connection between Christopher in Tennessee and Soul Shine in Colorado,” McAllister said.

CO Recreational Marijuana Law Under Attack, Tribes Explore MMJ & Anchorage Ban Fails

“I would be shocked if the Supreme Court even accepted the case,” Sean McAllister.

Marijuana Q&A: Naming strains, federal rescheduling riddle

If marijuana moves to Schedule II or III, McAllister says, “The rescheduling would allow marijuana to be prescribed by doctors and distributed by pharmacies.”

Lawsuits over seized weed spark policy changes by police

“We need uniform rules, and law enforcement would be wise to develop those rules otherwise they will continue to be sued,” said Sean McAllister.

Marijuana Q&A: drug tests and topicals, open container law, “enclosed” growing

McAllister says that if marijuana is being grown openly and publicly, versus locked and enclosed, the law is not being followed and the grower forfeits the rights and protection of the constitutional marijuana laws.

Attorney Sean McAllister Interview in the Denver Post: Colorado marijuana raid suspect’s stores following state law.

McAllister said it is not against state law to seek investment from outside of Colorado — the only requirement is that people with ownership interests be Colorado residents.

Sean interviewed over Palmer Lake residents vow to keep fighting for recreational pot article in the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph

Voting against sales seems to be a trend. Turning it down guarantees it will be unregulated and that more will be grown in homes near children.” said Sean McAllister

Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong fame inks deal with Pueblo dispensary

“There’s no money changing hands from Tommy to Marisol, so there’s no investment,” said Sean McAllister

Aurora To Weigh How Retail Marijuana Businesses Will Operate

“People are putting a lot of resources into following the process, trying to influence the process, and be ready to hit the ground running when this is allowed,” marijuana industry attorney and activist Sean McAllister says.

Recreational Marijuana Stores Slow To Open, Driving Up Prices

Sean McAllister says that while the city plays catch-up, some of his clients are ready to make the switch – and they and their pot supplies are being forced sit on the sidelines.

Cannabist Q&A: How to invest, tourist limits, lease issue

Unfortunately, yes, it is legal for your landlord to ban cannabis use on their private property, even your swanky pad. Landlords can put conditions in leases, barring even lawful activities, from their property.

Two months after Colorado raids, marijuana operators back in business

Sean McAllister, the lawyer for VIP co-owner Gerardo Uribe, said the store had an inventory made up of a limited amount of marijuana that it was allowed under state law to purchase from other dispensaries.

Colorado marijuana advocates clash over tax measure

“It’s not that we oppose taxation and regulation in general, it’s that we think the rates here are excessive,” said Sean McAllister.

McAllister Garfield defends dispensary clients against federal raids.

Attorney Sean McAllister wrote that his client, Gerardo Uribe, did nothing wrong under state law and “will be vindicated by a full review of this matter.”

Marijuana: Colorado Springs owes $3.3M-plus after dispensary prosecution fails, attorney says

Sean McAllister, issued a motion calling for material seized by authorities to be returned by Monday.

Amendment 64: Marijuana consumers need a seat at the table, says Colorado NORML

“NORML is going there with a positive message,” McAllister stresses. “We’re going to point out that a majority of voters voted for this and want this implemented — and we feel the process should be open.”

Amendment 64: John Hickenlooper setting up broad task force regarding marijuana measure

As McAllister pointed out, Hickenlooper and other legislators have floated the idea of a bipartisan commission to develop A64 guidelines — and he believes such a group shouldn’t be homogeneous.

Medical marijuana: Feds remove holds on bank accounts, return seized $20,000 to MMJ centers

The feds’ recent decision to return over $20,000 seized from a pair of dispensary owners suggests to attorney Sean McAllister that these threats may prove to be a “paper tiger.”

Contaminated medical cannabis, CO workplace safety & Ohio’s tech search

“I would be shocked if (the California death) didn’t trigger some kind of lawsuit,” said Sean McAllister, a Colorado cannabis industry attorney.

Criminal/DUI Related Press

Pot money laundering suspect appears in court

Sean McAllister, attorney for suspect Gerardo Uribe, said Uribe believed he was operating the VIP Cannabis dispensary and his other marijuana businesses lawfully.

The Silent Treatment: On (Not) Talking To Police

“There’s the legal rules and then there’s the reality of the way police act,” Denver criminal attorney Sean McAllister said in an interview. “The bottom line is police pretty much do what they want.”

Marijuana seizures up for Colorado’s neighbors

“I have many clients tell me that the first thing they get asked when they get pulled over in Kansas or Nebraska, with Colorado plates, is ‘where’s the marijuana?'” Defense Attorney Sean McAllister said. “…that’s a problem.

Colorado the new ‘black market’ Pot legalization causing headaches for surrounding states

Sean McAllister said “Profiling of people with Colorado license plates makes the problem look worse than it is.”

Report: ‘Driving While Coloradan’ Not Just Stoner Paranoia

“There’s only two simple rules,” he said. “You just never consent to search without a warrant, and you never make a statement without your lawyer present.” said McAllister

Without A Marijuana Breathalyzer, How To Curb Stoned Driving

Sean McAllister, a Denver criminal defense attorney, says he’s getting five calls a week from clients with pot DUI citations.

Cannabist Q&A: Gun possession, hash styles, DUID blood draws

According to marijuana attorney Sean McAllister: “Guns are only a problem under state law if you possess them with illegal drugs.

CO, Worried About Stoned Drivers, Starts Education Campaign

Sean McAllister, a Denver criminal defense attorney, gets five calls a week from clients with pot DUI citations

Summit County assault suspect declines district attorney’s plea deal

“My client understands what he is facing and we’re ready to go,” McAllister said.

Marijuana ruling could overturn thousands of convictions — or dozens

“I think there are thousands of people who could potentially have their convictions overturned,” said Sean McAllister.

Some note an uptick in marijuana busts near the Colorado border

Sean McAllister has a name for what he’s seen after the first month of legal recreational marijuana sales in Colorado- “Profiling Colorado-style”

Defense attorneys fear blood-test backlog during state lab suspension

“The scandal affects the way all these cases are being prosecuted,” said defense attorney Sean McAllister

DA bows out of fight over medical marijuana evidence

Sean McAllister of Denver, previously told The Gazette that Hillery could sue police and and Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division, which conducted the raid.

Colorado heading toward a too-stoned-to-drive standard, experts say

“There is an unfairness to convicting medical-marijuana patients who aren’t taking the drug for recreational uses,” McAllister said.