Reliable Corporate Formation Attorneys

A successful business begins with a sound formation and growth strategy. McAllister Garfield’s corporate practice group, led by Dan Garfield, helps entrepreneurs select the business entity type tailored to their business needs as well as positioning for growth and future success. Our team of experienced and creative business attorneys understands the unique needs of new businesses and can advise decision makers on the practical and legal consequences of all potential avenues during the business formation process. 

McAllister Garfield helps businesses of all sizes, in a variety of industries, navigate the different stages of the business life cycle, from locally operating start-ups to public companies that have expanded nationally. We will assist in drafting governance documents and render advice regarding how to structure a business to promote consistent growth while properly mitigating risk for the business entity and its owners. 

Once we have helped form the business entity, our corporate attorneys can help the business take the next step towards growth and profitability. We are constantly assisting clients with debt and equity financing plans through loan agreements, convertible notes, options, warrants, business equity offerings, and private placement memorandums. Start-up businesses are always looking for opportunities to obtain capital and McAllister Garfield can help you strategize and execute your business’s goals while keeping its best interests in mind. 

 For more information about starting or growing your business, please contact Dan Garfield at or Dan Hamilton at