Certified Intellectual Property Lawyers

McAllister Garfield’s intellectual property practice facilitates brand recognition, increases company valuation, and can make a business more attractive to investors. The firm, through a thorough understanding of its clients’ business model and goals, assists with an intellectual property strategy that fits their needs. We routinely counsel clients across the country on intellectual property matters.

The firm represents clients in academia, small business, and major corporations in intellectual property matters. Whether finding and securing a brand that effectively communicates a product to the marketplace, using data and analytics to drive sales, provide insight into product generation, and prove ROI, or determining if patent protection or trade secrets are better for your business, we have the expertise to not only avoid the pitfalls of intellectual property. but best position those assets for success.

Once an intellectual property plan is in place, the firm can help monetize products through brand licensing, service agreements, software-as-a-service agreements, non-disclosure agreements, employee contracts for assignment of intellectual property rights and confidentiality, terms of service, website terms and conditions, and other contracts. The firm has clients positioned in highly regulated industries such as healthcare and cannabis, and also in entertainment, retail, and real estate. For more information on this area of law, contact David Wunderlich, at david@mcallistergarfield.com.