Superior Real Estate Lawyers

Commercial real estate is a tricky field and often requires strategic legal advice. What may seem like a minor issue can easily turn into costly legal disputes.  

The real estate lawyers at McAllister Garfield are well-versed in real estate litigation, finance, lending, tax, and commercial leasing. We provide powerful representation and instant relief to clients in Colorado, California, Michigan and Oregon. By gaining an in-depth understanding of our clients’ transactions, we work to minimize risks and stop disputes from escalating. We handle each stage of the transaction from drafting contracts to negotiations and final closings. 

We take pride in our reputation as results-oriented litigators, handling transactions of all sizes from residential leases to multi-million financings. Our attorneys are committed to protecting your interests whether you need to acquire, sell, or lease real estate for manufacturing, storefront, investment, or front-office operations. Our vast knowledge of commercial real estate laws allows us to bring a pragmatic approach to every case. 

Our Commercial Real Estate Services 

Hiring an experienced real estate lawyer is essential to protecting your long-term business interests. We cover all aspects of real estate transactions and deliver successful results no matter the situation. 

Commercial Leasing 

Commercial leases come in many forms. Landlords and business tenants alike need to select the right lease that protects their best interests. 

Our attorneys assist landlords in drafting and negotiating the commercial lease terms for all kinds of spaces including office, retail, and industrial. We perform the due diligence required in assessing all tenancies and leases. In addition, we handle all types of landlord-tenant disputes such as rent collection, lease terminations, and unlawful detainer actions. 

We understand that each client has unique concerns which is why we tailor the counsel we provide to every case. In addition, we can prepare and review all kinds of leases including: 

  • anchor leases   
  • ground leases  
  • in-line leases   
  • lease amendments and other agreements   
  • master leases   
  • outparcel leases  
  • subleases   
  • triple net leases 

Purchase and Sales 

Since 2009, McAllister Garfield has been helping clients acquire, sell, develop, finance, manage, and lease commercial properties. Our lawyers have drafted contracts and closed the deals for both developed and undeveloped properties. We represent purchasers and sellers in acquisitions, dispositions, and all types of real estate transactions. We also conduct the necessary feasibility analysis and due diligence for your peace of mind. In addition, our expertise allows us to structure, negotiate, and draft financing agreements efficiently. 

Real Estate Litigation and Disputes 

Commercial real estate litigation comes with unique challenges. At McAllister Garfield, we have significant experience in litigation and dispute resolutions. Our mastery of real estate law allows us to preserve our clients’ best interests. Whether as a plaintiff or defendant in court, our goal is to put clients in the best possible situation.  

We represent a range of lenders and investors including owners, tenants, developers, property managers, and financial institutions in all types of disputes, including those resulting from: 

  • Adverse possession  
  • Breach of contract claims  
  • Condemnation  
  • Condominium disputes   
  • Construction defects   
  • Construction liens   
  • Creditors’ claims   
  • Distressed property   
  • Easement and boundary disputes  
  • Environmental and land use issues  
  • Insurance coverage issues  
  • Municipal approvals   
  • Property damages   
  • Property liquidation   
  • Property tax disputes   
  • Reorganizations  
  • Rights of way  
  • Title disputes   
  • Unlawful detainer   

We’re also experienced in resolving landlord-tenant disputes concerning: 

  • additional rent and charges under the lease  
  • holdovers  
  • landlord or tenant bankruptcy  
  • lockouts  
  • nonpayment  
  • personal property foreclosures  
  • rent  
  • retaliatory evictions  
  • subleases   
  •  tenant improvements  
  •  termination   

As your attorney, we’ll guide you in exploring the best settlement option for your situation. We’ll provide expert counsel in risk avoidance and talk you through both the costs and rewards of choosing litigation. 


Commercial real estate transactions involve countless paperwork including contracts and agreements. Such documents protect both buyers and sellers from risks and unjust claims. Our lawyers can help draft and review real estate contracts and all vital closing documents. 

Development, Land Use, and Zoning  

Real estate developments must meet federal, state, and local regulations as well as comply with permits, zoning changes, tax abatements, environmental guidelines, and air rights transfers. Businesses need to stay up-to-date with these ever-changing regulations to prevent risks and penalties. 

Our lawyers can assist in obtaining regulatory approvals and permits for all kinds of projects. We review project plans and provide strategic legal counsel to help in securing project support. We have also represented clients seeking zoning changes and approvals for subdivisions, special permits, and site plans.  

Real Estate Title 

Some properties present unique title problems that can hinder the fulfillment of your project. Our firm has been instrumental in understanding and resolving title issues, easements and access disputes. We also handle any issues related to title insurance policies. 

Your Trusted Real Estate Attorneys

If you are facing a real estate issue, our lawyers would be happy to provide valuable representation in and out of court.  

As a well-established boutique firm, we offer legal counsel you won’t find elsewhere. Our courtroom experience and success enable us to identify and resolve issues immediately. We’re known to approach each case with utmost focus and attention to detail.  

Reputable Legal Team 

As leaders in real estate litigation, our lawyers understand the effort and diligence needed to sustain and manage real estate investments. Our deep knowledge of the real estate market and its dynamics enable us to deliver tailored solutions with minimal risks. 

Peace of Mind 

Commercial real estate is a complex industry with constantly evolving parts. We provide you with the security of knowing that your lawyer will be available whenever you have questions or concerns. 

Prompt Solutions 

We understand that real estate matters and disputes require swift action and response. As such, we place a strong emphasis on delivering quick and successful resolutions. 

Reliable Documentation 

Our lawyers are adept at drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts and lease arrangements. We can help assess if a document is valid, accurate, and reflects your best interests. 

McAllister Garfield’s real estate practice lets you breathe easy knowing your investments are in trusted hands. From negotiating contracts to pursuing litigation if needed, our expert attorneys leverage their mastery of business and real estate law to help each client move forward with confidence.