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McAllister Garfield’s business transactions group provides full-service counsel to public and privately held businesses. Businesses require legal counsel who not only have broad experience and skills in a wide variety of legal disciplines, but who also have financial and practical business applications experience.

Mergers and acquisitions play a key role in corporate development. Both business strategies allow companies to stimulate growth, expand reach, and gain a competitive edge. Successful mergers and acquisitions, however, involve traversing legal, strategic, and commercial barriers. A single misstep can lead to serious long-term consequences. 

If your company is planning a merger and acquisition (M&A), it’s in your best interest to hire an experienced M&A law firm that can help you every step of the way. The business merger and acquisition lawyers at McAllister Garfield are armed with the knowledge and experience to help you navigate the complex M&A process quickly and efficiently. We regularly represent target firms, acquiring companies, lenders, investors, and enterprises of all sizes. We offer reliable counsel to keep the transaction moving forward while safeguarding your interests.  

Our exceptional team has years of experience advising both private and public entities on: 

  • selling and purchasing businesses 
  • schemes of arrangements 
  • reorganizations and de-mergers 
  • group reorganizations and restructurings 
  • private equity transactions 
  • recommended takeovers of public companies 

Our M&A specialists have a proven track record in effectively directing merger and acquisition transactions, joint ventures and other types of strategic business combinations. As part of our commitment to your success, we also offer advice on shareholder disputes, merger rules, proper due diligence, business succession planning and anything else you might need. Our attorneys are backed by expert litigation skills to provide you with a successful and stress-free transaction. 

Mergers vs Acquisitions 

In the investment world, mergers and acquisitions are two terms that are often mistaken for the other. While both corporate actions share a similar nature, knowing their differences can help business owners make a more informed decision.  


A merger is the practice by which two separate companies or business ventures of similar stature join forces to operate as a single new entity. Both companies’ previous shareholders combine to become the shareholders of the new company. In addition, stocks from the joining firms are surrendered and new stocks are issued. Merging companies gain access to each other’s resources, trade secrets, and invaluable skills. This exchange can help in capturing a wider market and gaining a competitive advantage.  

For a merger to occur, the participating firms are required to inform in writing all the necessary authorities. Critical documents must also be submitted including sales reports, audited financial statements, board resolutions, and sales and purchase agreements. Requirements may vary for each state which is why it’s crucial to have an M&A attorney to ensure your full compliance.  


An acquisition or takeover occurs when one company offers to purchase another company in exchange of cash payment, share offer or both. In this scenario, while the acquired firm may retain its legal name or structure, all of its assets and operations are now completely controlled by the acquirer. 

Just like mergers, acquisitions are governed by laws that may vary from state to state. Before a firm acquires another, the two companies must inform the necessary authorities and submit the required documentation. 

The Role of a Business Merger and Acquisition Attorney

Successful M&A deals are the result of a well-executed corporate strategy. Whether you are an acquirer, merging firm, or target company, McAllister Garfield will help you achieve your goals while protecting your interests. 

Our team has represented clients in transactions of all sizes, from smaller negotiations to multi-million dollar deals. We know that mergers and acquisitions are time-sensitive, which is why we guarantee fast response and reliable support at every turn.

Business acquisitions and sales require a full knowledge of the necessary legal processes. Our M&A attorneys have all the technical skills to help you with: 

  • Drafting or Review of Purchase Agreement 
  • Equity Transfer or Share Issuance 
  • Exit Planning & Taxation Strategies 
  • Business Valuations & Due Diligence 
  • Ongoing Corporate Formalities 
  • Partner / Investor Buy-Ins or Buy-Outs 
  • Structuring or Negotiating Deal Points 

Advantages of Hiring an M&A Lawyer

Today’s corporate landscape has never been more competitive and fast-paced. That’s why it makes sense to take advantage of mergers and sales that can help you get the most value for your business.  

As first-rate M&A advisors, we can help you structure the right deal that will meet the objectives of all parties. At the same time, we’ll identify and solve any issues before they escalate into unnecessary post-sale disputes.  

We guarantee full support from start to finish. Our team will dive deep to understand your business objectives and assist in planning the structure of the transaction. We’ll also help in preparing essential documents, conducting due diligence and identifying any legal issues that could lead to hostile takeovers. With the guidance of tax and antitrust lawyers, we’ll identify any tax implications and ensure regulatory approvals. 

For target companies, our lawyers will provide top-tier counsel on deal and negotiating tactics. We’ll also help you decide whether to sell, refuse the deal, or transact with another party. 

For cross-border transactions, we’ll thoroughly examine all important contracts, assist in obtaining third-party consents from lenders or parties, and negotiate smartly to help you close the deal.  

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McAllister Garfield provides unrivalled legal support for clients located in Colorado, California, Michigan and Oregon. Our mergers and acquisitions team are focused on delivering value to clients by ensuring a seamless business purchase or sale. We ensure zero transactional issues and ensure quick response to clients’ goals. 

Our specialist lawyers have the appropriate skills needed to manage all aspects of the transaction from drafting agreements to closing deals.  We also deliver effective solutions in other aspects of the transaction including employment, real estate, intellectual property, and competition.  

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Since 2009, our M&A lawyers have delivered clear and comprehensive legal counsel to public and private businesses throughout Colorado and beyond. 

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Our expert lawyers will spend time identifying your goals to facilitate seamless and creative solutions for your every need.  


We combine strong technical expertise with a proactive approach to transactions. We align our solutions with your priorities and provide top-notch advice every step of the way. 

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We pride ourselves on our deep-rooted knowledge of the latest trends and developments in the business world. This enables us to help clients navigate complex and time-sensitive issues.