Cannabis Business Licensing

Before a cannabis business can lawfully operate, the business and its owners must meet extensive, and sometimes challenging, licensing requirements. McAllister Garfield’s attorneys can walk you through the licensing process and help you secure all necessary state and local licenses. Sometime a jurisdiction’s licensing process requires a hearing on an application. Collectively, McAllister Garfield’s attorneys have represented clients in over 100 licensing hearings, and we are prepared to advocate for you and help you obtain a license even when an agency seeks to deny your application.

As cannabis legalization expands, more states are implementing rigorous licensing programs that often involve merit based or competitive applications. Competition for these licenses can be fierce, and McAllister Garfield’s attorneys’ combined experience is unparalleled, setting your company up for success in the cannabis market. Three of McAllister Garfield’s attorneys are former government attorneys, including the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division’s first attorney, which gives our clients an edge because we know what resonates with regulators. Let us help you set your business up for success by ensuring you obtain all necessary state and local licenses.