Cannabis Business Licensing

Since the commercialization of the Colorado medical cannabis industry in 2008, the attorneys at McAllister Garfield have helped ensure Colorado marijuana businesses meet the statutory and regulatory standards for state and local licensing. Similarly, the firm has been working on state and local licensing for several years in California and Oregon. The Firm has also worked on competitive merit-based applications in numerous states around the country, including New York, Florida, and Illinois.

McAllister Garfield’s team of attorneys is at the forefront of the everchanging licensing requirements at the state and local levels, assisting entrepreneurs and existing business owners in new and renewal license applications.

We guide clients through all state and local licensing application processes, including:

  • New applications and tax permits
  • Renewals 
  • Suitability applications
  • Change of location
  • Change of premises
  • Change of ownership

McAllister Garfield attorneys have years of experience representing all types of licensed marijuana businesses including cultivations, dispensaries, infused product manufacturers, and transporters. We are also excited to assist new clients with their hospitality business license applications, a new license in Colorado.

As part of license application and renewal work, the firm assists client with local and state licensing hearings. If a client is denied a license, the firm can handle license denial hearing and administrative proceedings. We have represented clients in over 100 licensing hearings and advocate for our clients when a government agency seeks to deny an application.