Marijuana Business Regulations

McAllister Garfield’s attorneys are well-informed and experienced in administrative and regulatory law. Our attorneys have handled more agency discipline and enforcement cases than any other law firm in Colorado, and is the only law firm with a former attorney for the Marijuana Enforcement Division. McAllister Garfield stays current with, and knows the history of, all the statutory and rule requirements in Colorado and California, and the firm’s attorneys have been integrally involved – as industry and Marijuana Enforcement Division representatives – in legislative and rule making processes. This deep knowledge works to our clients’ advantage, and we can efficiently and effectively respond to questions related to compliance and provide well-educated advice on how to proceed with a governmental agency.

McAllister Garfield is the only law firm to successfully defend and lift a summary suspension against a licensed cannabis business, resulting in a multi-million dollar company re-opening after it was wrongfully shut down. Our firm has represented numerous clients alleged to have violated pesticide rules and have litigated pesticide standards against both Denver and the Colorado Department of Agriculture, releasing millions of dollars of marijuana released from pesticide holds.

McAllister Garfield lawyers, led by Sean McAllister, have sued state and local agencies, and we have used litigation to leverage positive results for our clients. Our firm has defended California operators against charges of illegal local operation, and our California presence will expand as California moves to full regulation.

We represent our clients in a professional, diligent, and timely manner, and advocate for our clients when they feel they have no voice.