Bar/Court Admissions

Colorado - District of Colorado

Bryan Sullivan

Of Counsel

Bryan Sullivan has over fifteen years of experience in private practice in Bankruptcy Law and Real Estate Law. Bryan entered Cannabis Law early by helping to form a Dispensary and Cultivation, DANK, in Denver. As a dedicated advocate to industry compliance and working closely with the Marijuana Enforcement Division by allowing them to train employees at our facilities, the opportunities in this expanding industry became readily apparent. Finding it difficult to find the proper child safe packaging required once cannabis became legal recreationally in 2014, Bryan helped found Kush Bottles Colorado, which provided Colorado with a local hub for those in the industry to easily be compliant with exit packaging. As it became apparent that being compliant was the key to success, Bryan helped found the Denver Consulting Group (currently under contract to be purchased by Medicine Man). Through this consulting firm, it has been possible to not only help those in Colorado to become and stay compliant, but also to assist many groups across the country with applications for cannabis licenses as they were released in various states. Bryan was also integral in the formation of CannaScore, which is the compliance software that allows absentee owners, landlords, banks, and governments to score the compliance levels of those in the industry to ensure public safety as well as to determine which are the businesses that would be successful and not get shut down. Bryan also works closely with GreenSpace, a real estate company helping those in the cannabis industry looking for space available to achieve long term leases with those that are friendly to the industry. While Bryan has stopped representing consumers seeking bankruptcy protection, he does continue to represent and protect those in the cannabis industry and serves as of counsel to McAllister Garfield P.C.