Bar/Court Admissions


Michael Elliott

Of Counsel

Michael R. Elliott, Esq. specializes in cannabis policy, government relations, and political advocacy. Before becoming an attorney, Mr. Elliott made his career running political campaigns. His first job after graduating from law school was to run the successful 2010 campaign that defeated a proposed ban of medical marijuana centers in El Paso County (Colorado Springs).

After that victory, Mr. Elliott was hired to be the Executive Director of the Marijuana Industry Group (MIG), a trade association of licensed marijuana businesses based in Denver, Colorado. In that role, Mr. Elliott facilitated hundreds of marijuana industry meetings about all manner of policy and political topics, oversaw the trade group’s lobbying activities at the Colorado General Assembly, Marijuana Enforcement Division, and the City of Denver, represented the trade group on numerous task forces, and was a lead industry spokesperson interviewed over one-thousand times by local, state, national, and international media, including the Denver Post, Colorado Statesman, MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times, C-SPAN, CCTV, and Al Jazeera. Mr. Elliott has also spoken on dozens of conference panels about marijuana policy.

Recently, Mr. Elliott started Marijuana Reform Experts, and is assisting clients with marijuana policy and political matters across the United States. He has advised multiple local marijuana campaigns, including having started the successful campaign to allow retail marijuana establishments in Rocky Ford, Colorado.

Mr. Elliott has also drafted multiple applications for cannabis licenses in states across the country, including having been lead application writer for one of the three successful licensees of the Texas Compassionate Use Act.